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Project Designer, UDCP
Let's create a space that matches your lifestyle. Browse our projects to find inspiration on creating a beautiful place to call home sweet home.
Let's create a space that matches your lifestyle. Browse our projects to find inspiration on creating a beautiful place to call home sweet home.
Project Designer, UDCP
38 reviews
Guild Quality
401 reviews
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"A big group of extremely skilled trades people who did a terrific job. Next Stage is extremely high quality in every respect."
Thomas S.
"I would refer to to them as artisans, as that is the level of their work and professionalism. They never skipped a beat."
Dennis H.
"Great designs. They take care of EVERYTHING."
Charles C.
"The team did a great job and we are very satisfied with our decision to utilize them. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest Next Stage to any friend looking to remodel."
Christy K.
"As a moderately well-versed do-it-yourselfer, I can truly appreciate the workmanship and craftsmanship of the job that was done. All the little details are what set apart the 'good' from the 'expert'... "
Pete C.
"Their relationship with and understanding of the county permit process was excellent."
Kim & John W.
"Next Stage is my go-to company for any home project!"
Tamzen C.
"Next Stage was exactly what we needed. An organization to coordinate from design, to subcontractor management to project completion. And at every step involving us so that we felt it was "our" project working together."
Jeanna & Bruce Br.
"We're very happy with the result, as well as the experience we had during this project. Was a pleasure!"
Dave & Carrie A.
"We are so happy with our kitchen and the service we received from Next Stage."
Anne S.
"Plans were very detailed and complete and all work items were started and completed as planned and scheduled."
Mark & Cindy C.
"The Next Stage team executed this project with a high level of professionalism and service."
Winston Su
"It’s a complete experience, from the initial planning, design, materials selection, scheduling contractors, movers, etc. No detail is left unchecked – very confident and efficient."
Luiz & Minako S.
Home is everything. From personal details to a high-functioning layout, imagine what's next.
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Project Designer
"Interior Design has excited me ever since I was a child. After finishing up my master’s degree in a completely different field and ending up in the United States as an expat, I decided to finally make the switch to what truly interests me. My designs are inspired…" Read More
Project Developer
"I started at Next Stage Design as a Project Developer in 2014. I’ve spent the last twenty five years in the home improvement industry. I have an extensive background in residential remodeling and restoration, specializing in kitchens and baths, with an emphasis in space optimization. I appreciate working…" Read More
Project Manager
"I have been in the trades and have held a Class B contractors license with the state for over 20 years.  I have worked on small projects and complete home rebuilds and everything in between both in a management capacity and hands-on. I enjoy working on small projects…" Read More
"Quality craftsmanship is at the core of every project we perform whether it is a small repair or an extensive remodel. It all begins with our production team. Their focus on detail and desire for excellence is superb. Most of our team members have been remodeling Santa Clara…" Read More
Project Manager; CRPM
"Working in airline to high tech, theater techie to ski instructor, and the film industry to home building, I have gained a lifetime of experiences and became a seasoned project manager who’s not afraid of challenges found running big or small projects. For the past six years I’ve…" Read More