Next Stage Design + Build will be 100% Employee Owned by 2030

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We’re thrilled to share some exciting news: Next Stage Design is transitioning into an employee-owned company over the next six years. This strategic roadmap underscores our commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration where our employees can happily take full ownership over their projects and clients. We’re looking forward to this incredible evolution and how it will help us better serve homeowners across Silicon Valley!

What is an ESOP?

An ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan, is like giving your team a piece of the pie—a way to share ownership of the company with the folks who help make it successful. It’s a win-win situation where employees not only work for the company but also own a stake in its future.

Why are we moving to an employee-owned model?

At Next Stage, we believe that ownership fosters dedication, creativity, and a profound sense of responsibility. It rewards those putting in the work day in and day out to keep our clients happy. Here’s why we’ve chosen to become an ESOP, an Employee Stock Ownership Plan:

  1. Employee Engagement: As owners, our team members are deeply invested in the success of the company. This heightened level of engagement translates into higher levels of productivity, creativity, and commitment to satisfying our clients.
  2. Everyone Shares Success: With an ESOP, everyone has a stake in the company’s performance. When the company does well, so do our employees. This shared success fosters a culture of teamwork, collaboration, and mutual support.
  3. It Keeps Clients Happy Long-Term: By giving employees a tangible stake in the company’s future, we aim to encourage a long-term perspective and long-term client happiness. Instead of focusing solely on short-term gains, we prioritize sustainable growth and a better experience for the benefit of employees and customers alike.
  4. It Helps us Build a Talented Team: Being an ESOP company helps us find and keep the best team members. Every new team member has the opportunity to become an owner and take part in the company’s success, while existing team members are more likely to stay knowing they have a direct stake in the outcome.
  5. It Aligns with our Values: ESOPs promote a culture of transparency, accountability, and trust. Employees understand that their actions directly impact the company’s performance and, by extension, their own financial well-being. This fosters a sense of camaraderie, unity, and shared purpose within the organization.

In essence, our decision to become an ESOP reflects our commitment to fostering a workplace where every employee is empowered, valued, and motivated to contribute to our collective success. It’s not just about ownership—it’s about building a stronger, more resilient team for the benefit of all.

How it matters to you, the client!

Employee ownership benefits clients by fostering a culture of commitment, enhanced customer service, innovation, and stability within the company. As owners, employees are personally invested in the success of the company, driving them to exceed client needs. This dedication to excellence, combined with a long-term perspective and a commitment to building lasting relationships, ensures that clients receive consistent, reliable service and can trust in the expertise and dedication of the employee-owned team.

Get inspired
Whether you want to learn more about the remodeling process or are looking for some design inspiration, we’ve got just what you need to get the creative juices flowing!