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1920s Mediterranean Charm Reimagined

Spanish-Mediterranean San Jose

Breathing New Life into a Century-Old Gem: A 1920s Home Remodel for Modern Living

This quaint 3-bedroom/1-bathroom Spanish-Mediterranean cottage held a treasure trove of memories for its owner. But after raising her own children within its 1,400-sq-ft walls, the original 1920s house was in a need for a home remodel that could accommodate modern living without sacrificing its heritage. The cramped, sole bathroom struggled to serve three bedrooms, and the 90s kitchen renovation did little to compliment the home’s vintage character. Yet, despite being sited on a small lot, the homeowner was resolute: two new bathrooms and a fully functional, spacious kitchen were her dreams.

Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future:

The key to this 1920s home remodel lay in respecting the past while optimizing the present. The existing floorplan underwent a strategic reallocation, maximizing space utilization. The hallway bath transformed into a charming powder room, while the spacious but underutilized bonus room gracefully surrendered its square footage to create a luxurious primary suite. Laundry found a new home in the hallway, clearing the way for a significant expansion of the kitchen cabinetry.

Living Room: A Masterful Blend of Modern and Vintage:

The living room received a touch of timeless elegance with custom-crafted storage serving as a stylish media center. This focal point became the perfect platform for showcasing the homeowner’s cherished art and book collection. Period-style custom cabinetry lining the perimeter not only echoed the home’s vintage spirit but also provided much-needed storage space. The color palette struck a harmonious balance – the light sage cabinets complemented the warmth of the concrete hexagonal floor tiles and the rich walnut details of the kitchen hood.

Bathrooms Tailored for Every Need:

The original hall bathroom transformed into a delightful vintage Jack-and-Jill setup, conveniently serving the two guest bedrooms. A dedicated powder room, carved from a former bedroom and closet space, offered guests a convenient haven. Finally, the new primary bath, born from the generous bonus room, promised spa-like relaxation for the homeowner.

This 1920s home remodel is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and respect for history. It beautifully demonstrates how modern functionality and vintage charm can seamlessly coexist, creating a space that celebrates the past while embracing the future. So, if you’re considering a remodel for your own historic home, take inspiration from this remarkable transformation and get ready to write a new chapter in its story, one that honors its legacy while catering to your contemporary needs.

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