Modern European Kitchen Design

Modern Mountain View, CA

The Concept

This engaging family from Europe requested a reconfiguration to their dismal San Jose kitchen and its inefficient layout. A deep, unusable closet, insufficient countertops, a huge sink, an awkwardly placed dishwasher (in a corner blocking the sink), a strange sliver of wall, and outdated materials were completely at odds with the clients’ modern European aesthetic. Thus, careful attention was placed on maximizing storage, adding countertop, improving the overall flow, and introducing a 2016 relevant (yet timeless) modern kitchen.

Material Selections

Previous residency in multiple European countries was evident in this Dutch family’s collection of furniture and the design sought to echo their “Euro-Modern” leaning. Clients sought an integrated “flush” look with premium technologies such as induction, speed micro/oven cooking, and minimum noise impact. The beautiful “thermo structured surface” cabinets reflect Italian origins while offering a durable, high performance product. Low-maintenance Organic White Caesarstone quartz which caps the peninsula in a stunning waterfall edge.

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