Storage Design: Combining Form and Function for Beautiful Living Spaces

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Homeowners in San Jose are often pressed for storage space in their homes. Remodeling with this in mind can maximize the usable space and make your home feel less cluttered. Below are some storage design ideas that add functionality while also enhancing your home’s beauty.

Keep Things Hidden with Built-Ins
An experienced designer can create savvy storage solutions like built-ins, tailored to the individual and room. This custom-built space provides maximum storage with a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic. Built-ins are frequently found in family rooms, home offices, bedrooms, bathrooms and basements, but they can be installed anywhere in the house.

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Whole House Remodel in San Jose

Utilize Every Inch – Even Under Stairways
The space under your stairs is sometimes underutilized dead space that can easily be converted into valuable storage space. This is a great place for, bookshelves, a desk, cubbies, or storage for your wine collection. Closets and deep drawers are ways to organize your clutter and hide it from plain sight.  Don’t limit yourself to just the space under the stairs, alongside the staircase is a great place for a built-in bookshelf.

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Whole House Remodel in San Jose

Niche To Meet You
Extra storage or display space can go a long way, so look at empty wall space to add a little extra here or there. The wall void in the space between your studs can be a storage area begging to be used. After cutting a hole in the sheetrock, you can install a cabinet or shelves in the resulting space. This is a popular option in bathrooms, where a niche in the shower or next to the sink can provide storage for frequently used items. Another option is installing a long narrow set of shelves for wine, kitchen implements, or books.

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Eclectic Master Bathroom

Bathroom Storage
Homeowners always need more storage in the bathroom, but they don’t want it to be an eyesore or take up too much floor space. You can create more floor space and more storage with the right remodeling project. A redesign can add cabinets for linens and toiletries and niches in the showers for shampoos and soaps. An organized bathroom can help you have an organized—and less stressful— life.

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Master Bath Storage

Kitchen Storage
Adding storage to your kitchen streamlines productivity and aesthetic adding beauty and value to your home.  Clever storage possibilities are endless in the kitchen, giving you back your counter space. Even a small kitchen has lots of storage potential. When you’re remodeling, be sure to use space wisely by installing lazy susans in corner cupboards or cabinets. You can also maximize the room’s storage capacity with cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling. Another option is drawers at the toe-kick level where you can store toys, flat pans, or pet dishes. Many homeowners also save space with pull out trash bins and drawers in the lower cabinets. Cabinet manufacturers also create many products taking advantage of small, oddly shaped niches and turning them into usable storage space. A designer will help you take advantage of the nooks and crannies creating storage space out of areas thought as dead-space. You don’t know how much space your kitchen has until you remodel!

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Enlarging a Small Kitchen

The Pantry
A well-organized pantry is essential for the smooth running of any kitchen, but many pantries are poorly designed, leading to lots of wasted space. Because many pantry shelves are too deep, people have difficulty seeing and accessing all the stored items. Remodeling can fix this problem and turn the whole pantry into usable space. A good designer will take into account what kinds of things you store in the pantry and how you use it—and design a remodel accordingly.

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Heart of the Home Kitchen

Laundry Room/Mudroom
This is an often-overlooked source of storage. Built-in shelves and custom cabinets can help you stash all kinds of cleaning products, tools, and household items (like brooms and mops) that can be awkward to store. The laundry room is a good location to store such items; it’s out of the way, but still accessible. Built-in laundry hampers are another great idea to provide organizational storage! They can store dirty laundry inside cabinets. It means that both the hamper and the laundry are up off the floor and no longer in plain sight.

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Laundry Room Designs

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Whether you want to learn more about the remodeling process or are looking for some design inspiration, we’ve got just what you need to get the creative juices flowing!
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