Next Stage Design Builds New Stage for Tabard Theatre

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The Tabard Theatre is a non-profit performance theater based in historic San Pedro Square. It’s a jewel inside the living arts community of San Jose, CA. If you’ve never attended one of their shows, you definitely should! Especially since they’ve recently remodeled!

tabard theatre san pedro square

The Tabard Theatre is one of the vibrant cultural attractions in historic San Pedro Square.

A Partnership Built Over the Years

Next Stage Design and the Tabard Theatre have been working together for several years. Our owner, Jim Kabel, has even served on the board of directors. Our partnership with the Tabard Theatre is multi-faceted, from contributing leadership, to sharing our expertise and lending a hand!

Chances are, if you’ve seen a show, we had a hand in building part of the set. What can we say? We enjoy being a part of the action! So when the time came for a new stage (pun intended) for the theater, we wanted to help out!

original stage

The original stage was was built as a temporary stage for one show. It was not built as a permanent stage, but rather, a temporary platform.

Temporary Stage Exceeded Its Useful Lifetime

The Tabard Theatre’s performing group was founded back in 2001 but moved into their current space at 29 North San Pedro Street on the second floor between 2007-2008. Until 2016, they had made the most of a temporary stage, repairing and piecing it together on a regular basis.

It was apparent from the constant necessary repairs that it was time to create an updated theater space with a permanent stage. The Tabard Theatre knew we were up to the task so without hesitation, we embarked on the project.

Opening Curtain! Next Stage Design Completes Stage On Schedule

new tabard stage

The new stage was completed in time to host performances for the jazz festival.

As a not-for-profit company, there were strict budget constraints and Board approvals needed before any expenditures could be made. The need for quality, durable construction, within a tight time frame left them looking for ways to make it happen, fast. Not only does the Tabard Theatre Company present their own performances, but they also rent their space to other groups for events. Down time meant lost revenue.

Next Stage Design donated our design team and provided the Tabard staff with detailed materials lists which allowed them to price shop for supplies and use their not-for-profit discounts where applicable. The Tabard staff purchased all the supplies and used Next Stage Design for our skilled labor to assemble to stage.

Working together, we were able to get the stage done in record time. The theater staff teamed together to remove to old stage while we started construction immediately afterwards. Keeping on schedule, the Tabard Theatre staff pitched in to paint the new stage in just two days.

By day 9, the new stage was in, dry, and ready for the Jazz Festival!

Happy Customers, Happy Builders, Happy Patrons

Next Stage Design craftsmen build new stage

Next Stage Design builders work to construct a permanent new 30’x30’ stage.

Working on a project that has such a positive benefit to our community is a great experience. The new stage is far superior to the previous one.

The new stage design incorporates stairs all the way around, making it accessible from every angle. In the old stage, actors had only a small stairway in the front to work with, limiting directors’ creative visions.

The top of the stage is made out of masonite, a durable, strong hardboard that is easy to paint and can be replaced over time without compromising the overall structure of the stage. Almost all stages are made with masonite because it absorbs black matte paint well and lends itself to multiple layers of paint.

The new stage frame offers greater stability and support which makes it safer for dancers to perform on. A cool feature we included was 2×2 inch squares of neoprene rubber underneath, which provides the stage more “give”, allowing dancers to get better height on jumps and lifts.

“We knew we would enjoy working with the Next Stage Design crew because they’ve often volunteered their skills for set building. They love what they do and it shows. They are knowledgeable and very talented. Plus they are a lot of fun to work with.” Joe Cassetta – Technical Director, Tabard Theatre

The new stage gives the Tabard Theatre group more flexibility in the kinds of shows they can perform. That’s good news for audiences who already enjoy the new works, innovative interpretations, and unique plays that are rarely produced elsewhere in our region. It’s a wonderful partnership which we plan to continue!

Get Inspired
Whether you want to learn more about the remodeling process or are looking for some design inspiration, we’ve got just what you need to get the creative juices flowing!
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