Creating a Spa Like Bathroom – Ideas, Tips, and Pictures

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Life is pretty stressful for most homeowners today. Work, family, and other stresses mean that it’s nice to have a place to escape to—a refuge from the daily toil. That is one of the impulses behind the trend of the spa inspired bathroom.

Spa bathroom designs usually emphasize serenity and peace by incorporating design elements such as clean, uncluttered lines, natural materials, and soothing, neutral colors. Artwork tends to be spare and focus on serene images. Many also include spa-like amenities which can make your everyday bathroom feel like a luxury retreat. These can include soaking tubs which are narrower and deeper than regular tubs—to allow for full body immersion—as well as rainfall showerheads which mimic the natural fall of rain and often offer multiple different settings. Another luxury is towel warmers that keep your towels toasty and free from mildew.

Minimalism is part of the spa aesthetic and since clutter can induce stress, many spa like bathrooms also include storage to help avoid the clutter of toiletry bottles. With a little renovation, your bathroom can go from being one of the most boring, utilitarian rooms in your house, to the one you can’t wait to visit every day.

Here are some spa bathroom ideas:

spa like bathroom

creating a spa like bathroom

Next Stage Design: Modern Master Bath

These Santa Clara homeowners wanted a reconfigured master bath suite that provided more privacy and plenty of storage. The room’s footprint was expanded by capturing inefficient storage spaces in the kitchen and dining room. The spa like retreat included modern amenities like a large walk-in shower, double vanity, private commode, extra-large closet, and a private entrance from the master bedroom. A modern palette of varying shades of gray, blue and sage green created a warm and soothing ambiance. The wood-grain finishes on the cabinets helped the room feel more connected to nature.

modern spa like bathroom

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The goal of this master bathroom design is to create a sense of tranquility, which it does in part by using the room’s spaciousness to create an open layout, providing flexibility in the use of the space. The linear, spare design is consistent with the spa ethos, and the sleek curve in the tub contrasts with the straight lines elsewhere in the room. The simple design highlights the only three materials the room uses: rift-sawn white oak, striped marble slabs and textured marble tiles on the wall. Spa like designs also tend to avoid complicated patterns and overly bright colors in favor of light, neutral colors like those in this room; they lift the spirit and give the eye a place to rest, creating a sense of serenity.

Many homeowners want a spa like bathroom because they want to feel pampered when they walk through the door. In the last few years, designers have found many amenities—including home saunas and showers with multiple showerheads— that homeowners can add to their bathrooms for that true spa experience.

master spa like bathroom

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The renovation of a 10,000 square-foot home included a complete revamp of the master bath with all the amenities, including a huge walk-in shower outfitted with a rainshower-style shower head, a hand-shower, and a steam function. It’s also decorated with lovely blue Moroccan tile. The built-in cabinetry beside the shower stores towels and has a warming drawer to keep them snug and warm.

Need a few more pictures to get you inspired? Here are a few from some of our favorite projects:

spa like bathroom ideas

spa like bathroom san jose

spa like master bathroom

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Whether you want to learn more about the remodeling process or are looking for some design inspiration, we’ve got just what you need to get the creative juices flowing!
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