Three Signs It’s Time for An Exterior Renovation

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Whether your home is a hidden gem in a historic neighborhood, or a modern masterpiece waiting to be uncovered, every home will begin to show signs of aging. While homeowners can make piecemeal changes to maintain the exterior — repainting, powerwashing, replacing shutters — an exterior renovation gives you the chance to do much more.

Here are three common problems that lead homeowners to pursue an exterior renovation. Let’s learn how Next Stage Design was able to solve them:

#1: A Whole New Home, Inside and Out

With a whole house remodel that includes exterior in the scope, you have the rare chance to evaluate both the interior and exterior as part of the same project. When you imagine your dream home, do you see the front entrance and the living space as drastically different, providing multiple opportunities to explore varying styles of design and architecture? Or do you imagine them complementing each other, creating a flow to welcome guests from the front entrance to the main living spaces like the kitchen and living room?

exterior renovation

In this project, the homeowner wanted the traditional design elements of the newly remodeled interior to be consistent with the rest of the home, creating a refreshed exterior aesthetic. The portico roof and double columns create a strong architectural statement, while downspouts at each end of the porch were integrated into the column posts to keep the entry from feeling too cluttered. Navy blue fixed shutters were added to the front windows to complement the siding, and the entry door was painted to blend with the existing brick porch, which we restored back its original, bright red color.

How to make a statement with a traditional exterior:

  • Repaint siding and shutters, removing any that are damaged or outdated
  • Incorporate stone or metal accents where possible
  • Add a portico to protect your home and your guests from the elements

#2: More Space to Entertain

Need more space to entertain, but don’t know where you’d find it? Don’t forget to look outside! While both homeowners and potential buyers can appreciate exterior renovation ideas that are aesthetically pleasing, a built-out exterior living space can provide some of the same comforts that you’d find in the living room or family room. These homeowners wanted to create a custom outdoor living space not only for themselves to enjoy, but their close-knit community. Since the original front yard opened up to the rest of the homes in the neighborhood, all these homeowners needed were a few finishing touches, and now they’re ready to host barbecues, birthday parties and summer nights by the fire pit.

exterior renovation ideas

What can I do to make my exterior more inviting?   

  • Add a screened-in porch or deck
  • Make the entry more welcoming with a covered front porch
  • Install ambient lighting to be able to host guests day or night
  • Soften the front entry with landscaping — be sure to include local plant life to give your community better air quality!

#3: A Fresh, Modern Makeover

Whether you’re an original owner who’s debating a fresh start, or recently relocated and can’t seem to adjust to the custom features added by the previous homeowner, you know that feeling when it’s time for a change.  

The exterior of this traditional Spanish-style ranch home no longer aligned with the homeowners’ modern taste, so we removed the arches, added larger windows to create better sight lines to the front yard, and swapped the stucco with espresso-colored Trespa siding. The siding combined with the steel canopy creates the defined entrance that was missing from the previous entry, and hides eyesores like the hose bib and garden tools.

Here’s how to give your exterior a modern makeover:

  • Use neutrals, but add texture to maintain visual interest
  • If you’re adding a pop of color, use it to highlight a feature you want to stand out, like the front or garage doors
  • Keep it simple

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Get Inspired
Whether you want to learn more about the remodeling process or are looking for some design inspiration, we’ve got just what you need to get the creative juices flowing!
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